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 Subject :I was waiting and trying to camp.. 17-11-2021 11:25:31 
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I was waiting and trying to WOW TBC Gold camp the voidtalon and someone whispered me and was asking me if I needed help in finding it. I offered and we spent the following hour or so discussing the matter while they hopped around on different characters across tons of servers to find me.

When I first started playing on the TBC on the laughing skull, there were these 3 major players who would be talking in chat rooms and I joined in one day , and we started to talk about how much I could not afford flying, one of cheap Burning Crusade Classic Gold them mailed me enough gold to purchase a mount and flying.

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 Subject :Re:I was waiting and trying to camp.. 29-04-2022 15:39:57 
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 Subject :Re:I was waiting and trying to camp.. 01-05-2022 21:15:51 
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